‘Wet pubs’ will be allowed to hold live music sessions when they reopen

‘Wet pubs’ will be allowed to host live music when they reopen on September 21st, according to informed Government sources.

The current regulations surrounding Covid-19 do not expressly prohibit music being played in public houses. As part of a wider drive to give support to the entertainment sector, which has also been hit hard by the pandemic, the sources said the Government will not discourage live music or sessions in public houses involving small bands, or individuals.

However, all the social distancing and Covid-19 guidelines must be followed.

“We are very keen to make sure that as much activity as possible takes place and we get as big a number of musicians and performers back in operation,” said the source.

Minister for Media, Arts and Culture Catherine Martin will on Thursday name the chair of the taskforce which is being established to help the arts and culture sector adapt to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier Ms Martin said she wanted to see the current restrictions on gatherings lifted to support the arts and music industry, so they can get back to work as she wanted to see performers performing again.

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