UK weather forecast: Snow WHITEOUT to hit Britain with ‘danger to life’ warnings in place | Weather | News

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind in Scotland on Monday and Tuesday. However, this could later be extended to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Some areas will be battered by torrential rain as the weekend’s sunny spell comes to an abrupt end.

Sunday morning will see outbreaks of rain and cloud with heavy showers moving into the afternoon.

A weather system will be the cause of the rain which will push from the south and southeast to the north.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna told Sun Online: “By morning outbreaks of rain will start from Northern Ireland and across north England and even down southeast England.

“Rain continues to go north east during the day into Scotland – mainly in areas above 300 metres.

“In the south after the rain it will develop into bright and sunny skies in central and southern England and Wales.

“Temperatures in the north and in Scotland will get up to 6C (42.8F) or 8C (46.4F) and further south across England and Wales there will be highs of between 12C (53.6F) and 14C (57.2F).

“Tomorrow night there will be a continuous outbreak of rain in Scotland where there will be snow on the hills.

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“Over the mountains, we will certainly see a spell of snow which is not expected to be too disruptive. But some snow nonetheless.

“The far north of Scotland though should remain largely dry and bright.

“To the south, we will see some sunshine but there will be a smattering of quite sharp and blustery showers across parts of northwest England, perhaps Northern Ireland as well.”

Gales will expand across Scotland on Monday and Tuesday but could go into north England, Northern Ireland and north Wales.

The current weather warning is issued to begin at midday on Monday.

Winds could reach up to 80mph winds in more exposed areas.

Mr Petagna added: “On Monday and Tuesday it will be much colder. In the far south of England we could see some patchy rain.

“Other than that there will be sunshine with showers towards the west and northwest of the UK.

“On Monday and Tuesday you will see those wintry conditions above 200 metres.

“The weather warning could be extended further south into north England, Northern Ireland and even north Wales.

“We could see severe gales in some places and gusts of wind up for 60mph, and even possibly 70-80mph in exposed parts.

“It will be a colder picture on Monday and Tuesday with highs of 6C (42.8F) or 7C (44.6F) in the north and 9C (48.2F) or 10C (50F) in the south.”

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