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Thug forced girlfriend’s head under water while he told her daughter “don’t worry”

A thug told his girlfriend’s daughter “don’t worry, mummy’s just splashing around”, as he forced the woman’s head under water. Delivery driver Perry Jackson has been jailed for almost two years after attacking his partner while she was relaxing in the bath after a violent row that morning. His victim managed to dial 999 before […]

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Poway residents report discolored tap water; city checks for contamination

Poway residents were ordered to boil tap water before drinking it, and restaurants remained closed Sunday after officials became concerned over the weekend that a recent rainstorm may have contaminated the city’s water system. Residents started reporting discolored tap water on Friday. City crews tested the water at those first locations and found it to […]

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DEBATE THIS: Should water fountains be bilingually labeled?

WATCH ABOVE as Sun’s political columnist Brian Lilley rants over the fact that the Senate won’t appeal a court order to pay damages over unilingual drinking fountains Yep, you read that correctly: a court ruled that the upper house violated a francophone man’s language rights by utilizing English-only push-buttons on Parliament Hill drinking fountains. Former […]

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EBRD to improve the use of water, energy and land resources in Tajikistan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on 21 November launched the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) Tajikistan, which will give better access to climate finance to farmers, businesses and homeowners in Tajikistan. According to the EBRD, the $25 million facility will offer loans for investments in high-performing technologies that improve the use of […]

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