social distancing


All the COVID safety rules are little more than theater

If you go to a restaurant in Gotham right now, you might be subjected to a temperature check. It’s no big deal, it takes a second — but it’s pointless; plenty of COVID-positive people don’t have a fever. So why do we do it? It’s part of a growing trend of COVID-19 security theater. We […]

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ONS reveals regions with the highest Covid-19 death tolls

The NHS must instruct mental health hospitals to let families visit young people with learning disabilities and autism, a new report has said. Young inpatients’ human rights were already being breached before the pandemic, the Joint Committee on Human Rights found, and it believes the coronavirus lockdown has put them at greater risk. NHS England […]

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Social distancing vs. social bubbles, plus 4 charts that sum up COVID-19 in Ontario right now

In early May, Gideon Lichfield, the editor-in-chief for the MIT Technology Review, announced online that he was going to break his isolation for the first time in two months. And he was going to do it by joining up with another household. “Effectively we’ll become an extended family, free to visit each other’s homes, share […]

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