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AJ Pritchard rules out Strictly return and brother Curtis says he’d turn it down too

AJ Pritchard has ruled out returning to Strictly Come Dancing as a professional. The 25-year-old announced earlier this year that he’d be stepping away from the BBC One show after four years. But now that the show is set for a return on Saturday night, is he regretting his decision? During an exclusive chat with […]

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City Hall
Local News

Vancouver city councillor broke conflict rules, should resign: report

Article content continued Wiebe’s financial disclosures, which are public, list him as owner-operator of Mount Pleasant’s 8 1/2 Restaurant and an investor at Gastown’s Portside Pub. The city approved 8 1/2 in June for one of the first temporary patio expansions, and Portside received approval four weeks later. Permitting is handled by city staff, and […]

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All the COVID safety rules are little more than theater

If you go to a restaurant in Gotham right now, you might be subjected to a temperature check. It’s no big deal, it takes a second — but it’s pointless; plenty of COVID-positive people don’t have a fever. So why do we do it? It’s part of a growing trend of COVID-19 security theater. We […]

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David Aaro
Fox News

Federal officers in Portland can’t targeting journalists, legal observers for arrest, judge rules

A federal judge on Thursday barred federal agents in Portland from dispersing, arresting, threatening to arrest, or using force against journalists or legal observers. U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon issued the 14-day temporary order following a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, which cited statements from journalists and legal observers who said they had been […]

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DACA Recipients Shocked And Relieved After Supreme Court Rules Against Trump

Drew Angerer / Getty Images Roberto Martinez, a DACA recipient, chants and cheers following the Supreme Court’s decision. For weeks, Juan Plascencia has kept a routine: He wakes up and checks the Supreme Court’s website to see if a decision has been made on whether he will continue to receive protection from deportation. In those […]

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What are the new lockdown rules and what are the 5 levels of lockdown in the UK?

The UK has been in lockdown since March 23 (Picture: Ilyas Tayfun Salci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) From today – Monday 1 June – some lockdown measures in the UK will be relaxed, with schools reopening their gates and non-essential shops slowly starting to open up their shutters. Not only that – people in England […]

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Masks to become part of life in California, but rules vary

LOS ANGELES — For Californians venturing outside, donning a mask will be as common as putting on a cap or sunglasses when the state begins gradually easing stay-at-home orders on Friday. But rules about face coverings vary from county to county, and it’s unclear what enforcement might look like. Masks have been ubiquitous at essential […]

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Canadian Economy

There’s a problem when analogue policy makers set the rules for a digital world

Last week’s fan email included condemnation for a “piece that seems more like propaganda from a boomer.” I was born in 1974. But I concede, growing up in the no-man’s land between the prosperity-is-us boomers and the digitally native millennials means some of us Gen-Xers aren’t always with it. Recently, Rémi Racine, one of the […]

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California boat fire: Conception was exempt from stricter safety rules

The Conception dive boat, on which 34 people died in a Labor Day fire, had been exempted by the U.S. Coast Guard from stricter safety rules designed to make it easier for passengers to escape, documents and interviews by The Times show. The Conception was one of about 325 small passenger vessels built before 1996 […]

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