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Pollak: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Saw America as the Solution, Not the Problem

The annual observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an occasion for the left to reinforce racial identity and radical politics, and for the right to criticize what the civil rights movement has become in the hands of King’s self-professed successors. Certainly the Democratic presidential primary has provided material for the latter, as the […]

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LGBTQ Rights Around The World Are In Danger, And The US Is Part Of The Problem

Roma Yandolin / Flickr Vision Daniil Grachev, an LGBTQ rights activist, is arrested by riot police during a pride event in St. Petersburg, 2013. My first job at BuzzFeed News in 2013 was something of an experiment: We wanted to cover LGBTQ rights worldwide as seriously as we cover wars or elections. Over the years […]

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Belgium: This country with a colonial history has a blackface problem

Belgium has a blackface problem. The country shares in the Black Pete tradition, albeit less enthusiastically than the Netherlands. But around Belgium, few seasons pass without folkloric festivals revolving around characters in the racist garb — and while its use has become polarizing around the world, Belgium has a casual approach to the tradition that […]

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There’s a problem when analogue policy makers set the rules for a digital world

Last week’s fan email included condemnation for a “piece that seems more like propaganda from a boomer.” I was born in 1974. But I concede, growing up in the no-man’s land between the prosperity-is-us boomers and the digitally native millennials means some of us Gen-Xers aren’t always with it. Recently, Rémi Racine, one of the […]

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Mexico’s Strategic Security Problem

This unique national-security focused expert insight can’t be generated for free.  We invite you to support this kind of quality content by becoming a  Cipher Brief Level I Member .  Joining this high-level, security-focused community is only $10/month (for an annual $120/yr membership). It’s a great and inexpensive way to stay ahead of the national and […]

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