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Coronavirus live news: Trump storms out of press briefing as US deaths pass 80,000 | World news

4.30am BST04:30 New Zealand’s foreign minister on Tuesday said the country has to stand up for itself after China warned its backing of Taiwan’s participation at the World Health Organization (WHO) could damage bilateral ties, Reuters reports. Taiwan, with the strong support of the United States, has stepped up its lobbying to be allowed to […]

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Trump’s new press secretary vows never to lie from podium in first briefing for more than a year

Donald Trump’s latest press secretary on Friday promised reporters during her first briefing to never utter a lie from behind the familiar blue lectern with the White House seal behind it, and signalled the president is intent on seeking changes from “sanctuary cities” in return for federal coronavirus assistance. “I will never lie to you. You […]

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Press Freedom Needs Protection from Pandemic too — Global Issues

by Farhana Haque Rahman (rome) Thursday, April 30, 2020 Inter Press Service Farhana Haque Rahman is Senior Vice President of IPS Inter Press Service; a journalist and communications expert, she is a former senior official of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. ROME, Apr 30 (IPS) – […]

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Call for respect for press freedom and journalistic independence in Europe – VoxEurop (English)

At the conference it is organising in Paris on 6 December, the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) joined forces with other organisations defending press freedom to call on European institutions and governments to adopt effective measures to protect the Fourth estate for the sake of democracy. VoxEurop joins the call. Association of European Journalists Reporters […]

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