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Freddie Mercury’s first girlfriend claims ‘he begged me to stay his lover’

Freddie Mercury’s private life was underpinned by his relationship with Mary Austin, who he described as the “love of my life.” Before they met though, Freddie was enjoying a passionate relationship with a fellow art college student, who claims ‘begged her not to leave him’. Freddie’s first girlfriend was reportedly Rose Pearson and she has […]

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Jeremy Corbyn heckled during Stoke-on-Trent visit – ‘IRA lover!’ | UK | News

Jeremy Corbyn was campaigning in Stoke-on-Trent after launching the Labour Party’s manifesto on Thursday. The Labour leader announced plans to radically overhaul the British economy and unleash an unprecedented spending boom. But, he had to brush off hecklers when he arrived to rally support in the constituency, according to footage online. As he left a […]

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