Lisa Page

Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page says Trump’s ‘demeaning fake orgasm’ was the last straw

The lone tweet appeared Sunday night on a profile bearing the name of former FBI attorney Lisa Page. “I’m done being quiet,” the tweet read. In the roughly two years since Page made national headlines after politically charged text messages between her and then-senior FBI agent Peter Strzok were released, the lawyer has refrained from […]

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Andrew Scheer
Canadian Politics
Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt: Growing number of Conservatives think Andrew Scheer ‘wasn’t strong enough’

OTTAWA — Former Conservative MP Lisa Raitt, who has been a defender of federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer after his party failed to win last month’s election, acknowledged Wednesday that there is a growing consensus among the party’s members that Scheer “wasn’t strong enough” as a party leader. However, Raitt, who had said before that […]

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