New York attorney general sues to dissolve NRA

New York’s attorney general has announced a lawsuit aimed at dissolving the powerful National Rifle Association over alleged financial mismanagement. Letitia James said the NRA had diverted millions of dollars to leaders including its head, Wayne LaPierre, for their personal use. “For these years of misconduct we are seeking an order to dissolve the NRA […]

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Quebec’s attorney general now owns Hells Angels bunker

Article content The location where the Hells Angels carried out the murderous ambush that brought them to notoriety across the province is now in the possession of the attorney general of Quebec. A decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday put an end to a legal battle that began in 2012, when […]

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Iran has ‘de-escalated,’ but threat of retaliation remains, general says

Speaking during a visit to the USS Truman, an American aircraft carrier conducting operations in the northern Arabian Sea, McKenzie said that Iran’s maritime forces likewise had displayed a “fairly normal” level of activity in recent weeks. American officials have voiced concern about further attacks from Iran since the Jan. 7 ballistic missile strikes in […]

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Taiwan’s air force general missing after helicopter emergency | News

A senior Taiwanese military official is missing after a helicopter made an emergency landing in northern Taiwan, the island’s defence ministry said on Thursday. The defence ministry said a rescue mission was underway for the 13 people on board the helicopter, which includes the Air Force General Shen Yi-ming, the island’s chief of the general […]

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General Election 2019: UK front pages on Boris Johnson predicted win

Front pages react with joy and horror after an exit poll predicted a Boris Johnson landslide The exit poll predicting a Boris Johnson election win has been branded both a ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and a ‘victory for Brexit’ in the UK front pages. The Daily Mirror lamented the results of the survey, which predict the […]

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What time can I vote in the 2019 general election, and when will we know the results?

Voting day in the December general election is this Thursday Dec 12, which comes six weeks after the chaotic Brexit negotiations in Westminster led MPs to back Boris Johnson’s call for a vote on Oct 29.  Since Parliament was officially dissolved on Nov 6, the UK political parties have been preparing for the upcoming election, with candidates promoting their […]

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General election: McDonnell admits antisemitism has hurt Labour campaign – live news | Politics

“My message (to the Labour party) would be listen carefully, I’ll never do anything that puts Boris Johnson into Downing Street, but Labour, in order to get a Queen’s speech and a budget through, if they’re in a minority position, need the support of another party. “And if Scotland votes for the SNP in a […]

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General election 2019: Reddit says UK-US trade talks document leak ‘linked to Russia’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jeremy Corbyn holds up the leaked documents at a press conference on 27 November Leaked documents detailing UK-US trade talks were posted on Reddit by an account linked to a campaign “originating from Russia”, the online message board has said. In a post on Friday, the site said it […]

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General election 2019: Child poverty ‘could rise’ under Conservative plans

Image copyright Getty Images Child poverty risks reaching a record high under the Conservative Party’s plans for benefits, according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation. The Conservative election manifesto does not propose changes to existing benefit policy, the think tank said. It found, as a result, relative child poverty could reach a 60-year […]

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Navy SEAL case closed as far as top U.S. general concerned

MANAMA (Reuters) – The top U.S. general said on Monday that as far as he was concerned the case of a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield misconduct in Iraq was now closed, a day after Defense Secretary Mark Esper removed the Navy’s top civilian over the saga. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark […]

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