Definitely don’t masturbate with a banana peel

Not for masturbation purposes (Picture: Getty/ We apologise in advance if this ruins your weekend plans, but it’s important advice: please don’t put your penis in a banana skin for sexual gratification or for any other reason. Why must we tell you this? Are people really masturbating with banana peels? Apparently so, yes. So while […]

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UK news

Thug forced girlfriend’s head under water while he told her daughter “don’t worry”

A thug told his girlfriend’s daughter “don’t worry, mummy’s just splashing around”, as he forced the woman’s head under water. Delivery driver Perry Jackson has been jailed for almost two years after attacking his partner while she was relaxing in the bath after a violent row that morning. His victim managed to dial 999 before […]

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London Bridge terror attack 2019
UK news

‘We don’t understand how Usman Khan ended up like this’ | UK news

Outside a small white and green mosque in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, at Zuhr prayers on Saturday lunchtime dozens of men and women in padded jackets, heavy coats and kurtas gathered in the car park, unable to squeeze into the single-storey building for the funeral taking place inside. “One of our community elders has passed. It’s a […]

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Xinjiang: Huge leaks are exposing China’s re-education camps. But don’t expect Beijing to back down

Yet the leaks paint a grim picture of heavily fortified re-education centers, designed to turn Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities into good Chinese citizens who also speak Mandarin. And the students can’t leave until they have become just that. There has been nothing yet to indicate the documents are fake — both the New York […]

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Chad Pergram
Fox News

Capitol Hill lockdown causes consternation: ‘We still don’t know what the hell it was’

Little was clear Tuesday morning in Washington when authorities locked down access to both the White House and the U.S. Capitol. But it was clear to me what was probably unfolding: an aircraft had likely punctured the bubble of restricted airspace protecting Washington, D.C. I’ve been through dozens of these drills on Capitol Hill since […]

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