Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison cuts short Hawaii holiday after two firefighters die tackling enormous bushfires

Australia’s Prime Minister has cut short his holiday in Hawaii following fierce criticism of his government’s handling of an unprecedented wave of bushfires in which two firefighters were killed. Scott Morrison expressed regret for the trip amid a record heatwave this week which has exacerbated dozens of out-of-control blazes. Pressure had been building on Mr Morrison […]

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UK news

Woman blames Tory cuts after scan missed she was riddled with cancer

A woman battling incurable cancer blames Tory NHS cuts for the disease being missed for months and spreading throughout her body. Bodybuilder Gemma Sisson was told she had the all clear after her last NHS scan, but was sure something was still wrong. The desperate 38-year-old ended up paying £330 for a more comprehensive private […]

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Irish News

‘Meet the kids behind the cuts’

But behind every reduced budget, there are families feeling the pinch, and Dalkey School Project, Ireland’s first Educate Together school, has recently launched a campaign to ‘Meet the Kids behind the Cuts’ in order to highlight the challenges faced by many special needs children – both in their own school and in many others around […]

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