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Red Wall voters may be hardest hit by Covid — they are expecting Boris to deliver for them

Coronavirus is ripping up life as we know it. Every-thing has changed. We can barely recognise ourselves any more, especially our natural hair colour which is 50 shades of grey. I’ve even bought a NutriBullet, to keep my pal the kettle company when I go out to meet my friend for a duel in the […]

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Scheer facing an internal audit over use of Conservative Party funds

OTTAWA–Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is facing an internal audit over the use of party funds to cover his children’s private school tuition. Two sources told the Star Friday night that the Conservative Fund board, which manages the party’s finances and counts former prime minister Stephen Harper as a member, has ordered a forensic audit […]

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What time can I vote in the 2019 general election, and when will we know the results?

Voting day in the December general election is this Thursday Dec 12, which comes six weeks after the chaotic Brexit negotiations in Westminster led MPs to back Boris Johnson’s call for a vote on Oct 29.  Since Parliament was officially dissolved on Nov 6, the UK political parties have been preparing for the upcoming election, with candidates promoting their […]

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Brexit: A European Perspective - With Patrick Bijsmans & Russell Foster
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The Conservative Party Leadership Race

The 2018 dystopian videogame We Happy Few takes place in an alternate version of Britain in 1964. A sparsely-detailed plot suggests that twenty years after the Nazi conquest of Britain, the Soviet counter-conquest of Europe, and the collapse of the Empire, 1960s Britain has become a desolate, hopeless land. Consequently the game’s setting, the fictional […]

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