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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison cuts short Hawaii holiday after two firefighters die tackling enormous bushfires

Australia’s Prime Minister has cut short his holiday in Hawaii following fierce criticism of his government’s handling of an unprecedented wave of bushfires in which two firefighters were killed. Scott Morrison expressed regret for the trip amid a record heatwave this week which has exacerbated dozens of out-of-control blazes. Pressure had been building on Mr Morrison […]

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Greenland ice melt puts 400 million people at risk of coastal flooding by 2100

The latest headlines in your inbox Almost half a billion people are at risk of coastal flooding by the end of the century if Greenland continues to lose ice at its current rate, scientists have warned. The country’s ice is melting faster than expected, sparking a potential rise in sea levels of 67 centimetres by 2100 […]

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Australia fires: helicopter crashes as 140 blazes rage in NSW and Queensland – live | Australia news

Queensland is choking on NSW’s bushfire smoke as a southerly change sweeps across the state bringing testing conditions for firefighters. The southeast corner of the state is shrouded in smoke, with the World Health Quality index showing unhealthy levels of air quality across parts of Queensland. “We have seen a southerly change move up from […]

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Under Pressure. Can COP25 Deliver? — Global Issues

Climate change effects, such as extreme weather events, drive up environmental remediation costs. Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS Opinion by Farhana Haque Rahman (rome) Monday, December 02, 2019 Inter Press Service ROME, Dec 02 (IPS) – Mass public pressure backed by the weight of scientific reports is starting to bring governments to their senses as the […]

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Climate change is threatening Prosecco vineyards

Mansue, Italy – Climate change is threatening centuries of Italian tradition in this region famed for Prosecco. Paolo Tomasella said extreme weather is posing new challenges at his vineyard, Tenute Tomasella. “Climate change is a big problem,” Tomasella told CBS News correspondent Seth Doane, adding, “When it’s hot, it’s very hot. When it’s raining, it rain […]

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