Red Wall voters may be hardest hit by Covid — they are expecting Boris to deliver for them

Coronavirus is ripping up life as we know it. Every-thing has changed. We can barely recognise ourselves any more, especially our natural hair colour which is 50 shades of grey. I’ve even bought a NutriBullet, to keep my pal the kettle company when I go out to meet my friend for a duel in the […]

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Boris is ‘not out of the woods’ and ‘almost took one for the team’, says father Stanley

The Philippines has banned doctors, nurses and other health workers from leaving the country to work overseas in a bid to throw more resources at its own coronavirus outbreak, reports Patrick Sawer. With the pandemic threatening to overwhelm Phillipine’s fragile healthcare system the Government says it requires all available medics and support staff to remain […]

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UK coronavirus news LIVE: Covid-19 rate of infection ‘doubling every three to four days’, Michael Gove says as he stands in for Boris Johnson at daily briefing

The latest headlines in your inbox The rate of infection of coronavirus in the UK is doubling every three to four days and the country must stay indoors to stop the spread, Michael Gove has said. Mr Gove confirmed the stark increase in cases as he stood in for Boris Johnson at the Government’s daily […]

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Boris Johnson to seek Parliamentary approval for Brexit deal ahead of Christmas – National

There will be no letup for U.K. lawmakers worn out after Britain’s bruising election campaign. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to begin “before Christmas” the push to secure Parliamentary approval for his Brexit deal. Buoyed by its landslide victory in Thursday’s election, Johnson’s Conservative government plans to move fast to make good on his […]

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Newspaper headlines: Boris Johnson’s ‘Whitehall revolution’ after election win

Newspaper headlines: Boris Johnson’s ‘Whitehall revolution’ after election win By BBC News Staff Image caption Boris Johnson’s next steps after his election win feature on several of Sunday’s front pages. “PM to wield axe on cabinet” is the Sunday Times’s headline. The paper claims Mr Johnson is planning a “revolutionary” government that will see ministers […]

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How many seats for a majority? Boris Johnson wins election landslide

Boris Johnson is set to win a landslide Tory majority of 86 in the House of Commons, according to an exit poll for the general election. The poll, conducted by Ipsos Mori for the BBC, ITV and Sky News, suggested the Conservatives would win 368 seats, with Labour on 191 and the SNP on 55. If the forecast […]

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General Election 2019: UK front pages on Boris Johnson predicted win

Front pages react with joy and horror after an exit poll predicted a Boris Johnson landslide The exit poll predicting a Boris Johnson election win has been branded both a ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and a ‘victory for Brexit’ in the UK front pages. The Daily Mirror lamented the results of the survey, which predict the […]

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn release ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Mean Tweets’ campaign videos

Boris Johnson in a pop-culture inspired campaign video Photo credit: BorisJohnson/Twitter/PA Wire Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn release ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Mean Tweets’ campaign videos Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have launched pop culture-inspired campaign videos in the final days of the UK General Election campaign. Email Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn […]

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Britain’s Boris Johnson took a selfie with Huawei phone

The use of the phone was first reported by Britain’s Press Association. Johnson used the phone, which appeared to be the P20 Pro model, to take a photograph of himself following an interview Thursday on ITV’s “This Morning” program hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. A representative of the prime minister’s office declined to […]

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Boris Johnson is about to destroy our democracy just to get back at me

One of the many ironies of this general election is that Boris Johnson is actually seeking a democratic mandate to devalue our democracy. I wish this were some kind of sick joke, but it is there on page 48 of his manifesto, in black and white. “After Brexit we also need to look at the […]

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