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Mordechai Alvow, an Israeli hair stylist, has worked with the First Lady and wife of US President Donald Trump for 13 years. In a 2016 interview with, Mr Alvow gave an insight into Melania’s private personality. He said “She’s incredible, loving, fun and great.”

However, Mr Alvow claimed Melania acted differently when she was around cameras.

He said: “I wish that part of who she is would be a little more out there and exposed.

“I think she’s holding back a little bit when she’s on the news.

“She’s much more open and soft and happy and great when there are no cameras around.”

In a 2018 interview with refinery29, the hair stylist said: “She’s not like a performer.

“There is a look about her where it’s almost like she’s the mother of the public. You want your mother to have one steady look.”

Mr Alvow has worked with Melania since Vogue Japan sent him to Mar-a-Lago, the Trump’s Florida residence, to do the former model’s hair for a bridal spread in 2005.

He said: “She was just known as Donald Trump’s wife at the time.

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Mr Alvow said: “The fact that we’ve known each other for a really long time before this thing happened has created some comfort and trust.”

Since their first meeting, Mr Alvow has not only served the First Lady as a hair stylist but also as her confidante.

During their sessions, the stylist said he and the First Lady talk about anything from hair, fashion and energy to spirituality, exercise routines, and food.

He highlighted how the conversation does turn to politics from time to time.

The stylist said: “I’m not the one encouraging conversations in that direction, only because I know that her head is so involved in so many things that I don’t want to impose anything.

“But yes, when she was looking to choose a name for ‘Be Best’, we talked about the initiative.

“We do talk about when she’s with the schools; she tells me about her experience and what she encounters.”

Mr Alvow revealed that he also styles Melania’s son Barron’s hair.

He said: “Most of the time when you see her it’s me. I do Barron’s hair as well.”

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