General election: McDonnell admits antisemitism has hurt Labour campaign – live news | Politics

“My message (to the Labour party) would be listen carefully, I’ll never do anything that puts Boris Johnson into Downing Street, but Labour, in order to get a Queen’s speech and a budget through, if they’re in a minority position, need the support of another party.

“And if Scotland votes for the SNP in a hung parliament giving Scotland enormous leverage, then I will exercise that firstly in line with Scotland’s interest.

“Labour perhaps are not fully understanding what they would need to do in order to get their policies fully implemented.

“I’m not asking Labour to support Scottish independence, I’m not even asking them to support the idea that there should be another independence referendum.

“I’m making the reasonable request that they respect the principle, which is that if there’s a referendum, and the timing of the referendum, should not be matters for Westminster to determine. They should be matters for the Scottish people in parliament to determine.”

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