Ethics commissioner monitoring Liberals’ WE Charity grants, while Tories call for procurement ombudsman review

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“Outsourcing a $900 million-dollar program designed to pay students and recent graduates for volunteer work to a third party raises justifiable concerns and a number of questions. In addition, the connections between WE Charity, the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister’s relatives are well documented,” the Conservative MPs wrote in their letter on Thursday.

Thursday, the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, confirmed to the National Post that he was keeping a close eye on the multiple reports linking Trudeau to WE Charity.

Spokesperson Jocelyne Brisebois said Dion is “carefully reviewing material brought to his attention”, but stopped short of confirming or denying if the commissioner was formally investigating the matter.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is subject to both the Conflict of Interest Act and the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons. In any matter such as the one raised in a variety of recent media publications, there would be several factors that would need to be considered by the Commissioner with respect to whether a regulatee could potentially be in a conflict of interest,” she explained by email.

She did not respond to questions about what those factors could be.

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