Viking warriors were fuelled by hallucinogenic herbal tea in a naked frenzy of violence, says scientist – The Sun

VIKING raiders were high on hallucinogenic herbal tea when they went raping and pillaging according to new discoveries. The legendary raids conducted by the vicious Vikings play a huge part in European and British history as they looted and pillaged in their famous longboats. 5 Viking raids were notorious for pillaging Medieval EuropeCredit: Alamy 5 […]

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The long road to Jaden Moodie’s murder | UK news

Once again the inextricable links between drug dealing, poverty, troubled family lives and a disrupted education have been laid bare with the conviction last week of 19-year-old Ayoub Majdouline for the murder of Jaden Moodie, 14. Both Majdouline and Moodie had been involved in drug dealing, including “county lines”; both were members of rival London […]

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Mexico’s Strategic Security Problem

This unique national-security focused expert insight can’t be generated for free.  We invite you to support this kind of quality content by becoming a  Cipher Brief Level I Member .  Joining this high-level, security-focused community is only $10/month (for an annual $120/yr membership). It’s a great and inexpensive way to stay ahead of the national and […]

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