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The prospect of Brexit looms in the distance, with the outcome of this week’s general election sure to determine Britain’s future relationship with the EU. Since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016, speculation over the UK’s trading relationships and economy has been rife. But according to a Brexit Party parliamentary candidate and entrepreneur, a ‘clean break’ Brexit could be the key to a prosperous economic future.

Catherine Cui, a Cambridge Economics graduate with strong connections to the UK finance sector, is running to be the Brexit Party MP for Poplar and Limehouse in this election.

Ms Cui is hoping to make election history and be elected as the UK’s first Chinese, female Member of Parliament.

On her views on Brexit, Ms Cui said: “I’m in favour of a clean break Brexit, I wouldn’t call that a no-deal Brexit.”

And her reasons are multiple, with the proposed £39 billion divorce settlement with the EU proving to be a major sticking point.

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Ms Cui said: “I want to save £39 billion we would otherwise have to send to the EU with Boris’ deal.

“I don’t believe we need to send £39 billion to the European people for them to trade with us.

“I believe if we have a product with the price people want, with the quality people need, then people will trade with us – that’s how business works in the real world.

“I also know by dealing with the Eurozone crisis, if there is any Eurozone crisis happening again during the transition period we will be liable to up to 500 billion euros – that’s a lot more than £39 billion.

“For me, that is the most disturbing part of his agreement. In 2016 we voted to leave to take back our control, border, our laws – it’s not what Boris Johnson can offer us with his deal.”

For nearly a century, the constituency of Poplar and Limehouse has always been won by a Labour candidate.

The constituency also voted overwhelmingly to Remain (65.79 percent) in the 2016 referendum.

So how does Ms Cui believe her views will resonate with the people of Poplar and Limehouse?

She said: “Poplar and Limehouse as a constituency isn’t going to leave the EU on its own. Poplar and Limehouse isn’t going to remain in the EU on its own.

“It’s the British people, its the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland together.

“Across the country, 17.4million people voted to leave, that is the democratic decision.

“Poplar and Limehouse being part of the UK will have to adhere to that.”

Tomorrow, millions of Brits are expected to head to the polls for one of the most significant general elections in decades.

Conservative leader Boris Johnson has pledged to ‘get Brexit done’, hoping to gain back the parliamentary majority the party lost in the 2017 snap general election.

But in the latest polls, the likelihood of a hung parliament has increased – and Mr Johnson’s chances of majority look less certain.

Away from the two frontrunning parties, it remains to be seen just how much impact parties like the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats will have on Thursday’s election result.

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