Are some students unfairly treated in State exams marking process?

Are some students unfairly losing out on marks in the State exams?

It’s a question many students and parents will be asking in light of new disclosures about how Junior and Leaving Cert exams are marked.

Earlier this week, The Irish Times reported details of an internal State Examinations Commission (SEC) research paper which concluded the marking process is rushed, unfair and risks compromising the accuracy of students’ grades.

These concerns stem from the way marks for individual questions are altered to ensure up to 100,000 students achieve grades broadly consistent from year to year.

Today, a number of examiners involved in marking exams have cast light on what they say is an entirely separate practice used to alter grades.

Well-placed sources say it involves targeting selected exam scripts which have been previously marked with the specific intent of changing the grades up or down.

The aim is to make final adjustments to the proportion of grades at a point when it too late to adjust the marking schemes for all the scripts.

Let’s say John has scored 90 per cent or a H1 grade in his exam.

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