Day: October 14, 2020

2020 Election
Hunter Biden
Joe Biden
John Nolte
New York Post
Vadym Pozharskyi

Biden Campaign Does Not Deny Shady Burisma Meeting Took Place

In a statement released Wednesday, Joe Biden’s campaign did NOT deny a 2015 meeting took place between the former vice president and Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi. You can read the full campaign statement here. About the specifics of the meeting, however, the Biden campaign did NOT deny the meeting took place. Here’s what the […]

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‘Over by Christmas’? Why it’s OK that our internal pandemic timelines keep shifting

TORONTO — Trying to guess when the COVID-19 pandemic will end has felt a bit like trying to follow a bouncing ball. At first, many Canadians believed the lockdown-like measures enacted in March might only be necessary for a few weeks. Many of us thought that while the United States might not be ready to […]

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Opinion | How to Get Amy Coney Barrett to Say What She Really Thinks

If Democratic senators want to dismantle the false notion that conservative judges don’t allow factors other than “the law” to influence their reading of the Constitution, and in the process learn more about what Barrett actually thinks, they might try pursuing these lines of inquiry: 1. Deference to Congress You testified that both statutes and […]

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