Day: September 28, 2020


‘The Women Around Him Are Accessories to His Brand’

“I don’t know many undecided people period,” said Egleston, the Charlotte city councilman. “I’ve spoken to thousands of voters this year. None of them were undecided!” said Jackson, the state senator. “I literally don’t know a single person who is undecided,” said Ray McKinnon, a Black pastor, a Democratic National Committee member and a longtime […]

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Montreal and Quebec City will enter red zone soon, health minister says

Article content continued Dubé didn’t give details on what restrictions an upgrade to “maximum alert” would impose, explaining his department is working on finalizing those details over the coming hours. He did say the priorities would be keeping children in schools, allowing people to work, maintaining a “minimum of commerce” and containing outbreaks and protecting […]

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Swiss voters clearly reject curbs on EU immigration

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) had forced a binding referendum on the EU agreement in a bid to curb immigration to the country where foreigners make up a quarter of the population. The measure lost by 62%-38% margin. The SVP – the biggest party in parliament – has long pushed to take back control of […]

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