Day: August 5, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic

Norway cruise ship passengers with coronavirus reach 43

The number of passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus on the Norwegian cruise ship Hurtigruten has reached 43, authorities said Tuesday. Earlier, Hurtigruten said that the 177 passengers, all of whom have already disembarked, are being contacted by telephone and are being told to self-isolate. A total of 69 municipalities in Norway could […]

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Politics and democracy

A historic plan, but for what?

Historic! This word has been repeated non-stop by defenders of the agreement reached on 21 July by the European Council on the recovery plan, announced – rather symbolically – at the first light of dawn. The agreement’s detractors did not wait to minimize the accord, quickly covering the brilliant pinks of dawn with a deep […]

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Middle East and North Africa
World news

Beirut explosion: at least 78 dead and 4,000 wounded, says Lebanon health ministry – live updates | World news

12.59am BST00:59 The New York Times’ Maria Abi-Habib on the situation at hospitals: Maria Abi-Habib (@Abihabib) Interviewing ER doctors at some of Beirut’s biggest hospitals, and they are crying. St. George Hospital is destroyed. Patients streamed down the stairs to exit the hospital, bc elevators were damaged. Children being treated for cancer are now wounded […]

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