Day: July 8, 2020


How Cryptocurrency Affects the Gambling Industry

Nowadays, many companies use e-currency and blockchain technology. This is not surprising because in recent years cyber-currencies have made the whole world crazy. More individuals and companies use them to make payments today. The gambling industry is not an exception. Leaders of the Industry Over the past few years, casinos have joined the world leaders […]

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18 Fascinating Pictures From Frida Kahlo’s Artful Life

Love photography as much as we do? Sign up for the BuzzFeed News newsletter JPG for behind-the-scenes exclusives from renowned photographers and our hard-hitting photo stories. This week marks the 113th birthday of one of art history’s most celebrated artists — Frida Kahlo. The Mexican painter rose to prominence in the mid–20th century with her […]

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David Aaro
Fox News

New Zealand to charge man with COVID-19 who allegedly escaped quarantine, went shopping: report

Authorities in New Zealand say they will press charges against a man with COVID-19 who allegedly escaped managed isolation on Tuesday and went shopping at a local supermarket in Auckland, according to multiple reports. The 32-year-old had recently spent time in India. He allegedly fled quarantine by squeezing through a fence at the Stamford Plaza hotel, which is being used for managed isolation amid […]

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