Day: June 22, 2020

Christopher Carbone
Fox News

COVID-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife, researchers say

The worldwide lockdown prompted by the coronavirus pandemic can provide us with valuable insights into how humans and wildlife interact, according to scientists. In an article published in Nature Ecology & Evolution on Monday, a group of international reseachers explain how research amid COVID-19 could lead to new innovations that will allow us to be […]

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United States

Poor turnout for President Donald Trump’s first major rally since US lockdown began – Channel 4 News

As boasts from President Donald Trump go, it’s arguably not the biggest. He had claimed that almost a million people wanted tickets to his first campaign rally in Tulsa. But last night he was proved wrong with some reports suggesting only six thousand turned up. Despite that President Trump remained combative blaming the media and […]

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Foreign Policy
International History
International Theory

The Case of Hegemonic Stability Theory – E-International Relations

In tandem with the end of imperialism, there was a belief that this strand of thinking does not have any substantial impacts on the study of contemporary world. But linking to the conceptualization of post-imperialism world now, empire’s legacies in the way scholars looking the world, especially in terms of politics, are existential. Empire has […]

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