Day: June 2, 2020

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Americans vote in primaries amid Covid-19 and mass protests | US news

Eight states and Washington DC are holding primaries on Tuesday in the most widespread trial yet over whether America can safely hold an election amid the pandemic and unrest as days of protest over the police killings of African Americans continues. Election officials, who have been encouraging people to vote by mail, already faced an […]

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Religious leaders, lawmakers outraged over Trump church visit

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers and religious leaders — including the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington — voiced outrage after police used tear gas against peaceful protesters outside the White House ahead of President Donald Trump’s photo-op at nearby St. John’s church on Monday evening. The Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Washington diocese, said […]

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Car appears to run over protesters live on-air in Boston amidst George Floyd protests

The Independent employs over 100 journalists around the world to bring you news you can trust. Please consider a contribution or subscription. A live broadcast from protests in Boston has appeared to show an SUV drive into a crowd. The incident occurred live on air while WCVB’s Peter Eliopoulos described the action unfolding from the […]

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