Year: 2019


Person killed after being hit by train in Belfast

A person has died after being struck by a train at Dunmurry in Belfast. The tracks have been closed in both directions as police examine the area. Translink reported disruption to trains on its Bangor to Portadown railway line following a “tragic incident”. PSNI officers carry lights as they attend Dunmurry railway station in west […]

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John Bercow news: How ex-Speaker boasted about ‘exposing wasteful left’ in astonishing CV | UK | News

Mr Bercow, the former Speaker of the House of Commons, became a poster boy for Remainers as the Brexit impasse crippled the previous government. He attracted scorn from his own party as he appeared to sympathise with attempts to thwart the result of the 2016 referendum. However, a declassified copy of a CV he wrote at the […]

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Famed Jesuit abused boy 1,000 times around world

CHICAGO (AP) — One day in May of 1970, an 11-year-old boy and his disabled sister were sitting on the curb outside a Chicago tavern, waiting for their mother to come out. When a priest with crinkly eyes and a ready smile happened by and offered the family a ride home, they could not have […]

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LGBTQ Rights Around The World Are In Danger, And The US Is Part Of The Problem

Roma Yandolin / Flickr Vision Daniil Grachev, an LGBTQ rights activist, is arrested by riot police during a pride event in St. Petersburg, 2013. My first job at BuzzFeed News in 2013 was something of an experiment: We wanted to cover LGBTQ rights worldwide as seriously as we cover wars or elections. Over the years […]

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Curtis S. Chin
Fox News
Jose B. Collazo

Chin and Collazo: Asia 2019 in review — who’s up, who’s down and how does boy band BTS figure in?

President Trump continued his disruptive approach to diplomacy and pushed back on China trade practices in 2019, as the on-again-off-again U.S.-China trade war sent U.S. equity markets on a volatile ride to record levels. If on nothing else, Trump has united partisan Washington on the need to rebalance the U.S.-China economic relationship. How that relationship evolves […]

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Sydney NYE fireworks to go ahead despite calls to spend money on fighting wildfires – Channel 4 News

Sydney’s firework celebrations on New Year’s Eve will go ahead, despite the wildfires currently ravaging the country. More than a quarter of a million people have signed an online petition demanding the event is cancelled and the money given instead to firefighters. But Prime Minister Scott Morrison says holding the event will show the world […]

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Max Weber
modernization theory
protestant ethic

J’accuse! The Case for Traditional Capitalism

Max Weber brilliantly demonstrated the impact of religion and culture on politics, and even on world-scale institutions, at the beginning of the 20th century in his famous work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. A single religious idea, a theological principle, through a causal chain that Weber eloquently demonstrates, led to the establishment […]

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5 victims include Carley McCord

LAFAYETTE, La. — A small passenger plane en route to Atlanta for a College Football Playoff game crashed Saturday in an open field in Lafayette, Louisiana, killing five people. One person in the plane survived and has been hospitalized. Among the victims: Carley McCord, the daughter-in-law of Louisiana State University’s offensive coordinator, Steve Ensminger. LSU is set to face Oklahoma University Saturday […]

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Maritime Security

U.S. Navy confirms “harassed” of its aircraft carrier by Iranian vessels – Defence Blog

The U.S. Navy has confirmed that the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) was “harassed” by multiple Iranian vessels during transit of Strait of Hormuz earlier this month. The publication War Zone confirmed Friday that the group of Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) small craft followed the U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group out of the […]

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durham region
Durham Region weather
Freezing Rain
Greater Toronto Area
Toronto weather
Winter weather
York Region
York Region Weather

Freezing rain warning issued for parts of GTA ahead of storm Sunday

Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for parts of the Greater Toronto Area ahead of a storm Sunday. Some areas north, west and east of Toronto are under the warning, including northern York and Durham regions and southern Durham Region. Caledon, Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, Uxbridge and Oshawa are among the […]

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